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Photo by Tessa Denison


Perspective is something not taught but experienced through learning the stories of others and fully immersing ones self in a culture shift or lifestyle change. Now, over halfway through our trip, I can confidently say my perspective on a range from religion to the everyday western necessities I did not know I take for granted on a daily basis has changed. Before the trip I consistently thought to myself about expectations to how my life in Canada varies to life in Thailand, now being here in the village I can truly understand how the priorities of Canadians are vastly different to ones in the Karen village. An example of this is their genuine love and care for their family. Often times in western culture life is so fast pace we dont have time to take a moment to truly appreciate the various family traditions or even simply taking the time to talk and appreciate their presence in your life. In the past I have been greatly guilty of all those things but after seeing and immersing myself in the Karen family culture, it has made me understand what has been missing in my typical everyday life. To conclude, this trip thus far has taught me the meaning and importance of love, dedication and the simple company of family.