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Photo by Tessa Denison

First days in Chiang Mai

The group has arrived in Chiang Mai and settled in at INA House, run by the Akha, an ethnic group who live in and around Northern Thailand. Last night they had a discussion with some of the Akha about indigenous land rights, migration, and human rights, among other topics.

Today, the group is learning about migration. This morning they had a very enlightening conversation about why people are migrating and shared stories about everyone’s’ ancestors. Now they are heading to MAP foundation, who help migrant workers receive access to human rights. Next, they will visit Thai Freedom House (Free Bird Cafe) to learn about how they help refugees and get donations for refugee camps.

And finally, here are a few more pictures from Grandpa Urban Farm in Bangkok, where the group participated in a bunch of different activities, including seeding, transplanting, learning about solar energy to pump water, composting, and raising animals, like chickens, in a small, limited area on the urban farm.