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Photo by Tessa Denison

day 10

Day 10

Today is the first full day in the Karen village of Hua Hin Lad Nai. The night and the morning is very cold. Many of us cannot sleep well because of it. However, Ramphai went to town to buy the clothes, hats, socks, etc that we forgot to pack! She is so kind. The homestay family is so friendly and nice. They always make us delicious food and take care of us even though we cannot speak the same language. After breakfast we went on a hike. Oshi (our local Karen translator and guide) pointed out so many local herbal medicines, foods growing everywhere in the forest which amazed me! I never noticed how many useful things are growing all around in forests! Then we arrived to the top of a mountain. There was a golden statue of Buddha on top. Oshi and Greg gave a talk about climate change and we learned about how local people are being effected by it. Then we walked to a 1,000 year old tree. Here Ramphai told us the story of this sacred tree and played a unique instrument. Once we returned to the village, we shared the answers to the questions Greg asked us earlier in the day regarding our perceptions of wealth, poverty, what we education is for and what it means to be human. Finally, we spent the evening with our homestay families, eating dinner together, enjoying their company and resting. It was a great day!