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Photo by Ching Hsieh

Christmas Day

Today, December 25th, we celebrated Christmas by traveling by bus to Keelung, a port city north of Taipei. In Keelung we met Nicole Wang, a well-known ceramicist throughout Taiwan. She talked to us about her journey in ceramics, and the history of ceramics in general. We then had the chance to admire her beautiful pottery and look at her different work studios. After leaving Nicole and her wonderful photographer husband, Nicholas, we walked to a street market. At this market we bought lunch and desserts from the famous stands in Keelung. After everyone had eaten we took a long bus ride to the popular tea town of Jiufen. At this town, we hiked our way up a mountain to see the amazing view of Taiwan’s Northern coast and the mountain ranges south of us. After this powerful hike, we ended the night at a delicious xiaolongbao (soup dumpling) restaurant for our Christmas Dinner. Here we ate a variety of tasty dumplings then took the MRT (Taiwan’s fast moving subway) back to the hotel.