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A Pricey Tea

One sunny afternoon, I was walking down the busy streets when I happened upon a delightful tea house. Being half tea house, half bookstore, the place seemed tailor made for my interests. I spent a few minutes perusing the shelves when I turned to the tea and something caught my eye: a certain tea cake that cost approximately $4000. I stared at it in disbelief, trying to discern from the label what the glorious taste was that made this circle with a 3 inch radius cost such a mind-boggling amount. Did it come from a tree blessed by the forces of happiness and peace, rising up from a legendary plot of soil? Were it’s leaves made of solid gold? Was I even allowed to look at something so expensive? I stood there, staring at the magical tea and pondering these questions for more than 90 seconds before the owner of the tea shop asked if there was anything I needed. Startled, I told her no and left the shop, scratching my temple and still wondering about that extraordinary tea.

From the tea houses of Yunnan province,