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Photo by Scott Diekema, Nepal Semester.

Words of the Himalayas

I walk in the dark, hearing the crushing of leaves underneath my feet. I walk with the forest. I hear her calls as she whispers to the moss. The moss giggles back with the innocence of a child. The forest laughs at our inclination towards complication and smiles, saying darling you are one with me, for I am your ultimate mother and I have always been. I smile as I connect my third eye to the darkness. I surrender to the glow in front of me. I step up and up. One foot in front of the other. 5:30 am it must be.  We cannot yet see, the other side of the she and the he, of the sun, the moon,  and the heart of goddess.

          I quest in the dark as I wait for the light knowing it will come. We all sometimes search in the dark waiting for the light to shine through and when she does, we cry in remembrance, there you are, I knew you would come, I knew you were here along. The dark isn’t liked as much. We feel more blind,  but she too is a beautiful goddess that dances in the milk of the dark blue sky, painted with twinkles of stars she melts into you and into the earth. She also creates the world we see, holding hands with heaven and light, she too is a queen, a light in her own shade, she teaches the most sacred teachings. Her roots might strike a crack in your solid ground, but this is where life can happen.

         The hike starts to become a struggle, irritation speaks hisses of stagnation in its rapid tongue. Why did you do this? The ocean of blankets awaits you with a simple turn back.. She whispers in my ear, tempting me by the softness of the oceans embrace. I decide to stay with the journey, knowing that, although out of breath, turning back would only increase questions and curiosity about a missed experience. I climb as my legs burn I say good morning. I reach a plateau and relief suddenly rushes through my system. I see the moon still full and luminous on one side and as I walk around the corner, the sun starting to rise on the other. Such creates a hue of light pink over the blanket of clouds that sits slightly under the mountain peaks that reach their hands to the sky like they are stretching in the morning.

          As the view appeared to me my tears struck my eyes as they melted down my face in awe at the indescribable divinity before me. The cosmic dance. Shiva and shakti in motion. I felt honored. I bowed my head. The divine masculine and the divine feminine hold each other coexisting in cosmic orgasm. In the moment of birth and of climax. Of awe and of manifest. Although I had seen sunrises,  I had never seen anything quite like this before. The sun, the divine masculine, slowly rised as the moon, the divine feminine, faded, drinfting into the shadows, resting in a hushed physicality, yet she is omnipresent. The sun shines upon the mountain scape spotlighting the feminine earthly manifestations, dancing with stillness. They dance together in infinite loops pf unconditional love and rememberence. For they are the infinite dance. I have been listening and the Himilayas speak.