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i love tea!!!!!!

it sweet, its warm, but it also forces you to slow down. its an excuse to linger much longer than appropriate in a cozy place, its a gesture of kindness, a thing to bring people closer.

in nepal, every time i have visited someone’s home, without fail, i have been offered tea. even if i was just dropping by, picking up a friend, anything, ive been offered a cup of tea. here, its not just a drink. its a really, really kind way of inviting someone to feel at home, stay awhile. it draws out the quick moments, creates opportunities for conversation, and reveals just a glimpse of the nepali kindness ive been faced with again and again while being here.

many times over, tea has been the entrance fee that allows me to spend hours reading and journaling in a warm place, away from the bustle of the city and wrapped in a nice lil cocoon of peace and quiet for a bit. its something to make you feel welcome, wanted, home, no matter how foreign the place.