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Homestay Visit

It’s our last week in Kunming, we are ready to move to the next adventure-Lhasa, I’m surprised how athletic this group is, students all signed up the same gym near the program house, and went to do training at anytime they could find.

The instructor team has been visiting homestay families this week, and eating a lot of delicious food at dinners, I went to Jordana’s house on Tuesday, she has a 7 year old host-sister named 樱桃 Yingtao (Cherry), and a 4-month baby boy host-brother. There were 3 vegetable dishes, 2 meat dishes, and 1 soup, and of course lots of fruits for desert. Born and raised in this country I’m still amazed by Chinese hospitality. Every time I visit a homestay family, they invite me to go their hometown (lots of young people move to city for better job opportunities) for Chinese New Year (usually at the end of January or beginning of February, similar to Christmas in the west), which is a sign of trust and being received as part of their own family.  We also talked about how the older generation sacrifices their own freedom and time for the better future of their young, grandparents would move to the city to help taking care grandchildren, and offer financial aid to support the loans.  I’m still trying to understand what it means to have a China Dream.