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Why is trekking important? (A poem)

Why is trekkin important?
Let me count the ways,
Cause it can be a routine,
Yet different every day.

The past 16 nights,
I’ve worn the same pants,
It’s been more ok than I thought,
Unlike wiping with my left hand.

I haven’t showered in ages,
And I feel kind of gross,
But that’s ok as well,
Because we’re all in the same boat.

And back at lower elevation,
Leeches were very rude,
I pulled them off my body,
I stamped them with my shoe.

This may all sound very difficult,
And some days it certainly is,
But staying strong through all of it,
Has just become our biz.

We’ve learned to take breaks when we need it,
And sometimes we need it a lot,
But the lesson we learn in the end,
Is we’re tougher than we thought.

So why is trekking important,
The answer you’ve all been waiting for,
It’s vital for one simple reason,
It reminds us of who we care for.

Trekking teaches us what we value,
Whether it be family, shopping, or talking,
Cause when we look back in 20 years,
It’s really just difficult walking.