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some moments from the past week

oct 7th
we hopped on the trail at around 8am and didn’t get into camp til around 7pm. in the afternoon we were hit by a pretty heavy rainstorm, but we were excited to get to camp, get warm, dry, and sit down for dinner. some Positive Mental Attitudes began to falter when we were eating in the (not waterproof) dining tent and it started to rain, like RAIN rain. the ground soon turned into a 3-inch-deep puddle (our hiking boots were on/in the “ground”). then, 3/5 of our tents were found in an equally puddled state. alas, spirits remained high!!!!!! we got through it with a lot of weird songs, jingles, trek pole drumming, and our favorite song: “pain is an illusion, life is super blissful”

oct 8th
our campsite had woods and a babbling brook and looked like a desktop wallpaper, it was insane. also, lots of leeches.

oct 11th
so many stairs. so many.

oct 13th
we watched the (full?) moon rise above the mountains. it was very, very cold but crazy beautiful, and so bright.

oct 14th
we hiked up the face of a mountain. i’m sitting on the edge of the world, writing this, and i can’t see another person in either direction. the sky is so blue, and the river lays itself out beneath us, splitting and jointing and splitting again. i can hear it, even from up here. i am so tiny in the mountains, but so whole. it is so, so, beautiful, takes my breath away (and not just cuz we’re at 12,000 feet, hah). the trees are red and orange and the river is turquoise. we’re in a village called Beding, you should google it.

bye for now 🙂