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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Planting Trees in Panauti

Last week, we planted trees in Panauti alongside Punyamata river. Our plantation was expedited by one of our local mentor, Rashil, in collaboration with locals and municipality. One of the existing realities in major cities in Nepal is that infrastructures occupy most space. Trees occupy little or no spaces despite their significance on environment and people. This awareness has encouraged people like Rashil to initiate planting trees and reviving greenery in thriving towns of Nepal.

In solidarity with his idea, which correlates with our FOI on conservation and development, we contributed our labor while learning from Rashil and locals who joined us. We were provided with variety of tree saplings like Jacaranda, Bottlebrushes, Magnolia, campoor and Albizia.

Our planting started with digging two by two feet hole on the ground. We then learned about putting layer of mulch and compost to nourish trees and its soil. After its completion, we put soil back to cover their delicate roots and fenced its trunk with thin bamboo shreds to provide support and safety for its growth.

We hope that these trees will be one of our meaningful contribution to our community and remind us of our time in Panauti in the days to come.