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Tapaailai bheTera khusi laagyo

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Tapaailai bheTera khusi laagyo !

Nice to meet you !

Just a short yak to share a few words of Nepali and Newari with you. Our dear teacher Mina-ji taught us so much in only 3 or 4 lessons. This helped us a lot to interact with our homestay families, even if some of them were trying to teach us some Newari language, which is a local, community language spoken in the valley of Kathmandu. What is funny with the Newari language is that it sounds like French sometimes :

sapon = savon = soap

petittsa = un petit peu = a little bit

balla = belle = beautiful

Some nepali words do that too but not as much ; dinu = donner = to give

Those lessons in class or the family language lessons were very useful and both Newari and Nepali people are so happy when you try to speak their language ; it really helps a lot. Too bad we don’t have enough time to learn some more words !

Subha ratri, mitho sapana = good night, sweet dreams

Lalit / Leif