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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Student Introduction

First of all, HI!! I’m stoked to be getting back to learning, let alone learning about the indigenous and political issues in Peru and Bolivia.

2019 seems to be another year of travel for me! I’m originally from Lake Tahoe, California. At 18 I backpacked Europe by myself falling deeply in love with the growth I was enduring while tasting new cultures. I met my best friend in Rome who introduced me to the idea of working on yachts to travel to see the world instead of going straight back to school. I knew nothing about yachting. However, I knew I had a strong work ethic, was up for any challenge and had a hospitality background.

Long story short after Europe, I started a career for myself in the yachting industry for four years. Working out at sea in tight crew quarters, with many personalities, is like living in a microcosm never being able to step foot on land. I learned right away how important self care is for me, whether or not it meant getting up at 5:30 am to go running before a 15 hour work day, I was going to do it. I realized it’s all mind over matter. I’ve also learned how to juggle many different roles while being in this industry: from communication skills, to waiting on the ‘perfect’ job only to realize there is no perfect job, to enduring rough seas, to the physical labor, the list goes on.

I am currently going into my second semester as a Junior at Naropa University with a degree in Peace Studies, minoring in Psychology. Civil Rights is my PASSION, it has been since I was a kid. Like most Naropians, Naropa found me. I jumped straight into school, I was the Co-Chair of the Student Union my first year. However, my second semester shook me. A local organization in Boulder called,Towards Right Relationship, did a workshop in my class Socially Engaged and Spirituality. It’s a workshop guiding you through the colonization in the United States resurfacing the mass genocides of the Native American people. From that cold February day in 2018 my life has been gaining momentum towards what I’m meant to be ‘doing’ and going to S. America felt as if it was a major part of it. Learning Spanish is a huge factor, the geography and the people who live in these areas have always interested me.

I left Colorado in June, by the end of this program I’ll be traveling for eight months, traveled to three countries (or more) and seen most of the Eastern seaboard.

While we were moving everyday for a month this summer, things have finally calmed down as we’re now in Maryland. I had some time off to go visit Washington DC which I thoroughly enjoyed. Highlights were the MLK monument and Newsuem! I head to California in a few days to rest before leaving to Peru and am eager to experience a new form of travel with a different sense of purpose. I’m looking forward to an epic semester!


See you all soon!