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Okay I promise, just one last yak

From a birds eye view all the trees look like pieces of broccoli
And the lakes look like puddles
And the buildings, well they don’t even look like building
Couldn’t even compare to a dolls house

So I imagine how minuscular I appear in this world
I question the differences I could make in a world that is simply just too big
Haven’t you heard the words “I’m just one person out of 8 billion”
As if to prove your insignificance

But have you ever thought of it this way?
Every big difference starts with a small one
Every legendary life begins with a struggle and goes out with a bang
And every difference made begins simply with just one person

So the next time you question your significance remember you are not JUST one person
You are your own person with a voice that was made to be heard
You are individually:
And strong
Remember there is not one other person in this world that is “like you”

On that note prosper young dragons, instructors and of course parents
Know the strength of your words and let them be heard

P.s thanks for your Yak Julia, we all read it and it meant a lot to us.