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Namaste from Bhaktapur!  We are 8 strong from CO, NY, PA, MA, TN, ID and France, with many different interests.  We arrived here Sat. night and have been busy getting to know each other, learn Nepali and share so much about each other.  I spent 2 days in Boudha with 3 others before arriving here.  I was able to meet with Seva’s host family from 2007, visit the Stuppa and begin eating fabulous food and much Masala Chai.  Today we had a silent hike early in the morning to a Shiva shrine to be part of the morning worship and then after our 1st Nepali lesson, spent the afternoon on a scavenger hunt in Bhaktapur in groups of 4.  We had a blast getting to know that city, trying out our new language skills, walking, and just being here.  Everyone was so helpful and tolerant of our stumblings.  It is amazing how easy we feel with each other as we laugh at our antics and talk.  Being here is all that I expected it to be and more.  Our leaders are creating the spaces to help us grow in our self-knowledge as well bringing us closer together all the time.  I am amazed at how comfortable I have felt on this whole trip.  I feel like I’ve been here before so it’s a homecoming of sorts.  I guess Seva shared more than I realized!  I can breathe.  The food is amazing!  The Marsala Chai constant!  Tomorrow, we will have a guided tour of Bhaktapur and then leave for Patan where we will continue our Nepali lessons and begin our stay with our host families.