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Work trip/Not a work trip


I’m Erin and spoiler alert, I work for Where There Be Dragons.

However, this will be my first trip out with the company and although I’ll be working on capturing some visual storylines, my primary goal is to participate in the experience just as the rest of you will be. Also, I’ve never been anywhere in Asia… so 100% out of my element/knowledgeable background is an understatement! What I do know from working with Shannon Harriman (our group leader) on a regular basis, is that she is a major reason I chose to go on this particular program.

I will warn you though, do not let this woman’s mind-boggling level of professionalism, insight, and empathy fool you into thinking that she’s not an absolute riot to be around. Shannon is one of those rare individuals who balances a drive for the greater good with the capacity to laugh at the shared absurdities of our human experience. So, if you’re having any doubts about what you’ve signed up for…well, you can stop that now.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!