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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board

Welcome to your Bridge Year Yak Board!

As you’ll soon discover, this group blog and message board is a valuable forum for:

  • Introductions by staff and participants
  • Addressing all questions regarding packing and trip preparation
  • Posting live updates on the country’s current events & general recommended reading and resources
  • Storytelling & posting of reflections on in-country experiences
  • Keeping family and friends updated on the movement of the group and course (especially when in rural areas)
  • Sharing & bridging your experience abroad with your communities back at home
  • Documenting your shared adventure abroad for use during transference and after your return home

Until the start of your course, this will be THE place to find important notices related to your course’s development and itinerary design. It will also be the place to learn about your fellow students and on-site support staff. So please, post a personal introduction! It may reflect any number of things about you: your interests, reasons for wanting to participate in this experience, or any other thought or inspiration. Please try to include a photo of yourself in your post!

Once your program begins, this Yak Board is a place for Bridge Year participants to post photos and reflections to share with friends and family members back home, as well as the Bridge Year alumni community and your many other fans on and off Princeton campus. This is especially important during the first month of group travel, when many groups find it an empowering choice to “unplug” from smart phones and social media in order to cultivate wisdom and mindfulness around technology use and be more fully present for their on-site orientation.

Please also begin posting all your packing and prep-related questions here. Don’t be shy – if you have a question, it’s likely that someone else in your group has been wondering the same thing. Your staff has a lot of experience and many, many tips that they’re excited to share with you. So please, ask away.

Setting up the Yak message board, in many ways, marks the start of your course. It’s the first step in establishing the community that will support you throughout the journey ahead. Together, you will learn to walk, dress, eat, talk and think in an entirely new way. You will see landscapes that will drop your jaw, and meet people that will change and inspire your life forever. Although your course’s official start date is still a couple months away, your adventure actually began the day you made the choice to join in this adventure. Choosing to make your dream a reality took immense amounts of courage, and all of us congratulate you on taking that first, and most important, step.

Welcome! We’re excited to share in your adventure!


Dragons Bridge Year Administrative Staff