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Tiger Leaping Gorge Reflection

Written on July 12, 2019

Tiger Leaping Gorge

What a day we had today! Speaking for the entire group, I know I can say that today was a blast! We saw the craziest scenery and natural elements. We started off our day unsure of what the day would bring. We were lucky enough that the rain has calmed down these past couple of days that we were able to trek through the gorge. Although the 28 bends were difficult, the view was totally worth it. From the peak, we were able to see the rushing water, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and amazing landscape all in one. Even as I am writing this, from the comfort of our guest house with a Western toilet and shower, I am able to stare out the large window into the vast expanse of mountains. The peaks are higher than the clouds; so high that you cannot fit the mountain from top to bottom in one picture. At dinner today, Pedro brought up the idea that the landscape looks so beautiful, it looks fake. It looks so fake, that it looks like a blanket in the sky. The wonder of this place is truly immeasurable. I think what makes it even more fabulous to us is the fact that we had to work hard to reap the benefits. The hike was challenging, especially hard to start up again after lunch, but because we pushed through, the reward feels so much more meaningful. After staying the night at Halfway Guest House, we hiked through waterfalls and down to take the train to Kunming. See you in the next Yak!