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The Child Becomes the Parent

Nepal has never been on my radar.  India, yes.  Possibly even China, but never Nepal.  I am not sure why, it just hasn’t.  Let me explain.  About four years ago, I retired after working twelve years as a McDonald’s Owner/Operator.  It was grueling work, but I loved every day of it.  Basically, it was a 24/7/365 gig.

Since the day I retired, at the start of each year, I sit down and thoughtfully write out my goals for the upcoming year.  Yoga..check. Healthier eating..check. Long daily walks..check. Travel..but to where?

This travel goal on my list brought to mind trips my daughter took while in high school.  She traveled one summer to Guatemala.  Another summer she traveled to Bolivia.  Both with Where There Be Dragons.  I vividly remember telling her on the first trip. Go!! You will be out of your comfort zone! But, it will be transformative!

In fact, both trips were in fact life changing and set her up for success not only for her future academic journey, but for life and a world that does not always deal the cards fairly.  Furthermore, she remained friends with many of the other attendees from both trips until this day.

My travel goal was further piqued when the Dragons for Adults postcard arrived in the mail.  Guatemala sounded good because the distance isn’t too far for a nervous flier.  Even, Peru would not be bad.  I traveled there last year and the six hour flight was manageable.  But, definitely not Nepal.  I knew a little about Nepal.  Being an ESL/ELL teacher, I had taught a unit on World Religions that included Nepal, India and a few other countries in that part of the world.  So nope.  Definitely not Nepal.

That weekend, I called my daughter for a quick hello.  I mentioned that Dragons now has programs for adults.  “Dad, you should go, you would really enjoy it.”  I informed her I had thought about it, but the next trip was Nepal and it is definitely way too far away. Go! You will be out of your comfort zone! You will love it!  Umm..the child becomes the parent.

So, I am going to Nepal.  I am not looking forward to the flight.  But, I am hoping the country changes me.  I am hoping I will meet some like-minded people possibly also out of their comfort zone, but will to be transformed; willing to take it all in.

The Road Not Taken

I am going to Nepal