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Thanking our tour guides and porters from the trek

This following yak was a message to our tour guides at the end of our trek to thank them for everything:

These messages are specific thanks from the Dragons group,

Gabe, thanks Dolfin our head guide who showed us specific plants and animals, he found it very interesting.

Lula, thanks to how slow the guides walked for us to match our pace, by holding our hands to assist us and making sure we were careful.

Lottie, thanks all the cooks for the amazing food and how they not only prepared it but carried it for us and on top of that insisted that we ate before them.

Becky appreciates Harry who carried her bag for her when she wasn’t feeling well.

This part is my own word from me:

I would like to thank Tao who told me I was super cool which made me smile.  But then I asked why because although I know I’m super cool I wanted to know why he thought so.  So I asked and he answered, “It is because you are not afraid to communicate with the guides and you do not hesitate to talk with us or include us”.  That he noticed that about me is something I will not forget.  Before leaving for the trek I reminded my group that our community extends far beyond just our group.  Our community should include every Malagasy person we cross paths with each and every day.  During this trip I truly believe this idea came to life.  The first night I told Dolfin him and everyone else were invited to come sit with our group by the fire, at first none of them showed up so assumed they didn’t like us, until I was pleasantly surprised by every single one of them few by few trickling in to join us.  But hold on it only got better because within only several minutes of their arrival they began singing and clapping and in that moment as I looked around the fire to see everyone’s face light up with a smile from ear to ear, I swear I could not be happier.  Micah shared with the Dragons group that not very many of the people who tour the park ever even take the chance to get to know their guides and all I can say for that is it is purely their loss.

Thanks for reading 🙂