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Quotes from Santiago

We started out the day with a chill morning. I hope most of you received a nice call home! We ate breakfast and lunch at the hotel before heading to our Spanish class. There, we learned greetings, numbers, months, days of the week, and Dominican vocabulary. After that, the chaperones surprised us with a treat of ice cream and a trip to the supermarket for extra shampoo and snacks. Next, we went to dance class and learned the simple steps of Merengue and Bachata. After dinner, we spent time with an organization that works with human rights in the Dominican Republic. They gave us a presentation about their work and left time for us to ask questions and hear their stories. To finish my Yak post, here are some quotes heard throughout the day. Sofia and Maya didn’t have any they wanted to share but send their love!

“Use that thang!” – Katie in dance class

“I can speak Spanish” – Josh after the teacher asked him who spoke Spanish (Josh most definitely can’t speak Spanish)

“Noof” – Taj

“I put on sunscreen I swear” – Riley

“I put on bug spray I swear” – Lucy

“It’s actually a museum this time, not a movie” – Kelly

“Baba no!!!” – Grady