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Photo by Tom Pablo, Andes & Amazon Semester.

Intro: College Study Abroad Coordinator

Hello friends,

My name is Shino, and I am the College Study Abroad Coordinator. I have enjoyed getting to know you all a bit during your preparation process, and look forward to hearing about your experiences and reflections when you are on program. 

Like Cara, I will be supporting your fall South America College Study Abroad program from afar. I am one of the many team members who is invested in your fall program and excited to hear about your growth. To share a bit about me – I am based in Washington D.C. now, but I grew up in the hill-towns of western Massachusetts. I was raised by dancers who valued openness, individuality, and community. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to non-traditional locations in unconventional ways from an early age and have built my life around trying to make those types of experiences accessible to others.

I went to American University for a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Peace and Conflict Resolution, and I completed a master’s degree in International Education and Globalization at the University of Bath in the UK. After working for years for other international education organizations, I found Dragons in 2017 and it felt like coming home. My first role in the Dragons community was as a summer instructor in Morocco. Since then I have helped with partnership programming, and both high school and college programming. I am thrilled to be working with this incredible team on this re-imagined structure for college programs.

During your time in Peru and Bolivia, you will not hear much from me, as I will be supporting more behind the scenes. I will also be one of the many people tracking your experience here on this Yak Board. As your program evolves, so will this space.  Please keep an eye out for preparation information here, and please start posting your own introductions! And remember, this is also a great place for any preparation questions, so the whole group can benefit from the information you seek.

With kindness,