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Instructor Introduction

Hi this is Suren Thami, one of the facilitators for your upcoming Nepal adventure. I am a person of Nepali origin and call Kathmandu my home. I have been working with WTBD (Experiential Education) programs for almost two decades, on and off. For the past few years I have chosen to be a baker with a small bakery on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Among many other things that I have done for a living, a five-year stint with the political mission of United Nations was one of them. However, I have always gravitated towards educational and learning activities and hold these enterprises very close to my heart. I feel very privileged to work with students/learners and travelers from various cultures and backgrounds. These encounters always provide me opportunities to learn about diverse cultures and explore my own – which we often take for granted and neglect to confront or take time to acknowledge and appreciate the gems therein. I am doing the ground work for your sojourn to this corner of the planet – an exciting place to be, I assure you. Looking forward to your arrival and excited to be a part of the adventures and explorations that awaits you in my country. Saluting your decision to join this program dear intrepid fellow traveler to be.


Namaste (Nepali greeting meaning I salute the Godliness in you)