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Our adventure in Bolivia began with homestays, an integral part of the Dragons program. It was wonderful to explore Tiquipaya from a home instead of a hotel. I only wish our stays were longer.

Sandra welcomed me into her family. When I first arrived, we went to her mother and father’s home for a traditional meal and I met her daughter and three sons. Sandra is also a teacher and the same age as me. It was interesting to see how someone so similar to myself lives in a different part of the world. A lot of their home seems like any American family. The Simpson were on TV as we ate and the older kids played on a laptop and cellphones, while the younger ones and I launched paper airplanes in the yard. Sandra spent a lot of time making materials for her students and getting lesson ideas from the internet. It was her winter break but she was still focused on her students (something that is true of teachers everywhere). If you compared our homes side by side, they would look very different from each other but the daily activities and rhythms are much the same. I am so thankful to Sandra and her family for welcoming me into their home. For a short moment, in a country where I am obviously an outsider, I felt like an insider.