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Nepal Semester Student's Catherine Von Holt's photograph of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu.

Hello From San Diego!

I can hardly believe that’s it’s only a week or so before we are all together in Nepal. I’m excited to begin the adventure and grow as an educator who is deeply invested in engaging students in global education in a respectful and meaningful way.

My history with student travel starts with my own participation in civic minded local youth fellowships. These programs focused on building links between disparate communities in San Diego, fostering empathy, and understanding avenues for effecting change. Professionally, for the past four years I have been leading a two-week program to Cambodia for students from Francis Parker Upper School. We partner with a local community outside Battambang, explore the antiquities of Angkor Wat, and seek to deepen our students’ understanding of the ramifications of United States foreign policy.

Outside of the classroom, I am usually found rock climbing, hiking, or playing in a pub trivia league. I love talking about mathematics and how to teach it. I’m also in the middle of simultaneously planning a wedding with my fiancée Amanda and house hunting. Looking forward to seeing you all in Kathmandu!