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Group updates!

Group updates!

Marcus: we are adjusting to a new pace of life, getting to know our home stays, and learning about local life (tea harvesting, markets, etc.)

Gus – We just arrived at the village a couple days ago. At the moment, I’m trying to get used to having limited communication abilities with my family.

Dana – We’ve been here in the village for roughly 3 days, and the mountain views and simpler way of life has been a really cool experience so far.

Nathan – After taking a couple of days to adjust to the pace of rural life, we have been able to fully immerse ourselves in the beautiful landscape and culture Bangdong has to offer.

Tori – Despite the language barrier, I love being able to get to know my host family and enjoying the beautiful mountain landscape.

Coltrane – The food here in Bangdong has been pretty good (although spicy). The houses are different and needed some adjusting to, especially the bathrooms. Overall the experience has been exciting!

Alexa- It’s been a couple days here and I’m finally starting to adjust to this new way of living. However, at the moment I am struggling with different standards of hygiene.

Isaac – I’m really enjoying my time in the rural home stay. Yesterday my family told me the stew I was eating was gou rou, dog meat. To not offend I ate some even though I was very uncomfortable. It was beef, we laughed. Jolly time!

Clara – I’m really liking living in the rural village as we have the most amazing views and we get to practice our Mandarin with the locals.

Lily- Bangdong is filled with happy people who spend the day picking tea and eating meals with family. After the fast pace of life in Kunming, transitioning to the slightly calmer rural environment has been really nice.

Leo – Despite the squat toilets, I have really enjoyed the stay so far and become even more grateful for my life back home.

Juan – It is really interesting to see how differently these families live compared to Spain and even to Kunming.