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Day 2 in La Caleta

Hello parents! Today (July 4th) is our second-to-last day, and while we are all very excited to see our families, we are still very sad to be leaving. As it is the last service day, we started by driving from our home stays to the beach where we watched a demonstration by the Dominican Republic’s Red Cross. We then went on a boat ride where cooperative members took the buoy that we made the day before and attached it to the sea floor so that boats would attach to it instead of damaging the reef with their anchors. We then took a long break before eating lunch, which was chicken and rice. After finishing our meals, we helped them paint pottery, which the cooperative would sell to raise money. Some of us painted sunflowers, others painted butterflies and other pretty things, but after a while we all felt hot and sweaty, so we took a dip in the ocean before heading back to our homestays.

When Grady and I got back to our homestay, our homestay mother greeted us, and before long we were playing dominoes with her and the kids who live next door. After that we had a wonderful dinner, then danced bachata, merengue and salsa into the night with the locals. Tonight was a night that made me never want to leave.