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Beijing Arrival

Written on July 25, 2019

Our last day in Kunming was bittersweet. We spent our morning debriefing the previous day’s student X-Phase (a day that students get to plan and put their leadership skills into practice). We discussed the tea market trip and the homestay family party that the students organized. Everyone added a few extra kilos worth of tea to their bags at the tea market and the students independently prepared food for about 40 people! Overall, it was a success!

After cleaning up the program house and preparing for our departure, we managed to squeeze in a few hours at Kunming’s Bird and Flower market. Then, with our bags weighted down with tea and gifts, we headed to the airport.

At last… we arrived in Beijing! It’s nearly 1:30am and we are headed to our transference site. We will be staying in a rural village alongside the Great Wall of China. Many years ago, the Chinese government decided the wall was no longer necessary and allowed people to take stones from the wall to build their home. This allowance didn’t last long and although these homes have since been renovated, there was a time when many of the village homes were constructed with pieces of the Great Wall.

As we begin our transference (a sort of reverse orientation), we will start to reflect on the weeks we have shared together, the experiences had, lessons learned, and ways that we can apply our experience after we return. Transference is a special and unique aspect of Dragon’s courses. As instructors, it’s an exciting opportunity for us to create and solidify the magic that arises when a group of people bond over new challenges, beautiful sights, changed perspectives, friendship, and shared experiences.

It’s clear from our recent conversations that the prospect of returning home is bittersweet for everyone. Currently, excitement and eager chatter fill the bus. At 1:30am, the group is imagining the majestic sights of the Great Wall and has an energy level unmatched by their instructors! 😉

Sending our best from Beijing!


Kristen and the Instructor Team