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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Apple Orchard Meditation

As we closed in on our final days in Bougamez, myself and a few other group members made sure to cease the peaceful and rejuvenating opportunities of the vast apple orchard located at the bottom of the village in Bougamez. No matter the weather, chilly or warm, overcast or sunny, the breeze of this orchard was an incredible relaxing sensation. With this breathtaking landscape, Bella, Marcus, and I decided to meditate. Despite not having much experience or structure, we meditated in the orchard for nearly thirty minutes. Slowly opening my eyes to the picturesque High Atlas Mountains and feeling the calm breeze against my face, I felt level headed, calm and thankful. The three of us have decided to continue our meditation and are planning on making it a group function in the mornings. It was one of the most beautiful, calming, reviving experiences I’ve ever had, and I hope to be back not only to meditate, but to reconnect with the incredible people of Bugamez– Inchallah.