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When shall we meet again, after parting tonight
At 8:00 o’clock in this morning, Ned Stone left our apartment for his programme house. He has lived with my wife and I for ten days. He is a 16 year-old boy. He is a fit and good looking boy. He is from Atherton, California. Duke University is his favorite university in the future. He is the 21st student whom was welcomed to stay in my apartment. He has been learning Chinese for nearly 3 years. He has been to many countries in the world. This is his the second time to visit China. The 1st time was to visit Hong Kong. When he spoke Chinese to me, I could understand him.

Ned Stone is fishing in Kunming, China
At 18:00 o’clock in the evening last night, all the students and their homestay families got together to have a meal. Several students are in a narrow kitchen for cooking. One student is cooking tomato and egg. And another student is cooking chicken meat. And the third student is washing vegetables. The temperature in the kitchen is very high. There are a lot of sweat on their foreheads. Cooking is a hard work to do. They are feeling glad and excited when they are cooking. Learning at things in China, cooking Chinese food is one of most important and most interesting thing. So there are a lot of smiles on their faces except of sweat. While some students are cooking in the kitchen, other students are writing the names of each dish in Chinese words. They can write very good Chinese words even better than Chinese people do. All the people are eating food and are nodding their heads. They are thinking those foods are delicious. Now American students can cook Chinese food. If they did not come to China, such interesting things could not have happened.

All the people are standing around the tables for fetching foods which cooked by the students. They are eating and talking about something. They are only teenagers, but they can cook such delicious Chinese foods. One Chinese homestay mother is say “I hope my Chinese kid can do the same thing as American kids do”.

Delicious red cooked pork
Suddenly two sounds can be heard clearly by all the people. One is the sound of a bowl which is broken, the other one is the sound of someone falling down in the kitchen. Three instructors , Kristen、Ting Ting Xu and Tony Zhang immediately rushed into the kitchen to take a look if they can help her. Fortunately, the fallen student can stand up by herself. She is not hurt. She is too busy with cooking she forgot the water on the floor in the kitchen.

American students are clever、hard-working. They are good at learning interesting things which they never met before. Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles. When shall we meet again, after parting tonight. China shall have a great change each 5 years. Come and see the changing China by yourself again! We’re willing to be your homestay families.

Beautiful lotus
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• AUTHOR Peter, Homestay Father in Kunming