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Today we started a new chapter in our Dominican Republic adventure. We said our good-byes to La Finca, and drove to Santiago. The car drive was roughly an hour and a half. We settled in our rooms at Hotel Colonial for a few minutes and then went down to eat lunch. Lunch– as usual– was really good, and we all got to try some fun sodas. Next, we walked to El Monumento where we learned about Dominican history. We were told that after that we would be going to a museum and taking a two-hour tour. Us kids weren’t too excited about it. We walked into this big mall and up to a cinema, which is when kids started getting confused. And I know parents will be really excited to hear this, but: we saw Aladdin and ate popcorn! I really loved the movie, as a huge Disney fan. We ate dinner (so good!) and headed home.


Throughout the day, I collected quotes from the other students describing what they would like to say to you, their families:


Maya: “I’m fine, hope you’re enjoying your weekend at home!”

Kayla: “Hi fam. I hope you’re having fun like me. Don’t spoil Bachelorette! See you soon!”

Riley: “Hi Sze family! How is Aidan? The DR has been so fun!”

Lucy: “Hi Mom and Dad! Hope you all are having fun in Aspen and tell everyone I say hi! DR is awesome. Love you!”

Grady: “ Hi family! Miss you guys so much and hope to see you soon. Tell Maren and Hadley I say hi!”

Josh: “Tell Maple I love her!”

Sofia: “I am safe and I have not had problems with the food or water!”

Taj: “Hi”