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Last Day at La Finca


Greetings from the Dominican Republic! Unfortunately, today was our last day at La Finca de Protectora and we decided to leave on a high note. After a hearty breakfast, we left for our beach day. We arrived at Playa Ensenada, where we put on sunscreen and sprinted to the ocean. We then left the beach in search of Cayo Arena, an island which is famous for its snorkeling. We jumped on a boat, and before we knew it, we arrived! We snorkeled for an hour, where we saw hundreds of fish, big and small. When it was time to go back to the mainland, we decided to boat through the mangroves closer to shore, which was super fun and beautiful and put everyone in an even better mood.

When we got back to the car, we dropped off our water and sunscreen and crossed the street to our spot for lunch, where we stuffed our faces with delicious rice and chicken and whole fried fish. We all tried to eat quickly, so we could make the most out of our time. The group was happy to know that we had three hours left on our beach day, and we all went our separate ways to complete our perfect beach day. Fellow students played ball in the ocean, others took walks, others read books under the shade of the trees.

When it was time to leave, student’s morale was down. The drive back was looking like it was going to be very quiet. However, our brilliant teacher Katie had the idea to stop on the way back to grab some snacks. Everybody’s heads popped up when she said the magic word, food. She jumped out, and quickly returned with food behind her back. She opened the door and showed us the food she got. We had chips and sweet Dominican candy! Everybody started cheering and clapping.

We got back to La Finca with ample time to shower and to take one last look at the sunset before we leave tomorrow morning. We arrived to the dining room/common area to find that the owners of the farm had made us Sancocho, a traditional party dish. We gulped it down, and learned to our surprise that we had dancing planned after dinner. We were all nervous when we started, but with time we became very comfortable and ended the night with cheers and laughter.

As always, we miss you very much and hope to see you soon. We hope everything at home is as wonderful as it here.

With much love,
The students in the Dominican Republic


dear parents, Grady volunteered to write a Yak on our first night, and since then we have been using a rotation system. Today was his turn again, but I promise that you will see at least one yak from all students! -Chelsea