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Hello from the Dominican Republic!

Dear Parents,

Hello from the Dominican Republic! After a much-needed night of sleep, the group went to breakfast, where we tried a traditional Dominican breakfast. The meal included Mangu, (mashed plantains) fried cheese, (which is as good as it sounds), and a fried egg. We then went back to our rooms to pack up so we could leave to go to La Finca de Protectora, an agro-tourism farm. They have 300 acres of farm where they grow cacao, coffee, bananas, plantains, avocados, corn and so much more fresh produce. We checked in to our cabins, which have beautiful views of the mountains surrounding. We then regrouped in the common/dining area to head out on a walk around the farm to see some of the fruits and veggies they grow. We learned about the different aspects of the food and how they handle and grow them, and we got to try some fruits that we don’t have at home like sweet lime and cacao. We were given some time to ourselves, where we were able to sit and read as we watched the sunset. We finished the day off with a feast that consisted of fried plantain, cheese, salami, and fresh hot chocolate. We then sat around in rocking chairs and heard our chaperones life stories where we learned some very cool things like that Julio was in a band before college and Kelly took her first steps at the lighthouse where Forrest Gump turns around when he’s running.

The students would like to finish this off by expressing our gratitude towards our parents. We are so thankful to have this amazing cultural experience and while we are having so much fun, we miss you very much. We hope all is well at home, as everything here is wonderful. We love you very much, and we hope to see you soon.


Grady and the Students in the Dominican Republic