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Greetings from our second day on the finca!

We started off our day today with a delicious traditional Dominican breakfast of mangu and fruit grown on the farm. At the table, we shared our intentions for the day (most of them were to stay hydrated). We then set out on a hike to the top of the mountain to see the views and learn about the different crops. Many of us were tired, but we powered through and it was very worth it.  We then went to see the bunnies on the farm for a little bit before lunch. For lunch, we ate another very typical meal of rice, beans, and chicken, and talked about our water intake so far.

After lunch, it was raining very hard, but we fought through it to go out and plant avocado trees. Earlier in the day we had learned a way of spacing out the trees, and also building a wall to protect them from the rain. We planted many trees, until it rained too hard and we had to go in. Many of us were still dancing around in our already soaked clothes and shoes. Everyone took quick showers, and we then made our way over to the chocolate making hut to roast the cocoa beans and then mash them. We had lots of fun!

We had a small break and then we did skits to prep us for our time in the city. They helped educate us on water, food, animals, and many other things we should look out for. We ate a late dinner and shared our appreciations for the day. We were also ale to eat the chocolate that we had made earlier in the day which was very rewarding. It made us all appreciate the hot chocolate we have been drinking the past few days, because we now learned how much work went into it.

We then gathered in a circle and heard about Sophia’s life story for our 15 minutes of fame game. Everyone has now gone off to bed with many new happy memories. All of the students say hello and we miss you all!! More to come tomorrow!!