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Day Four in the Dominican Republic

Today, we started off the day right by playing a fun game of dominos with some of the children from the nearby town. After breakfast, we packed our daypacks and filled up our water bottles in preparation for our next activity: picking up trash with the local kids. During this activity, we were challenged to practice our communication abilities. We all practiced Spanish and made a few new friends.

After lunch, we headed in the van to Isabela La Católica, the site where Christopher Columbus first landed in the Dominican Republic. We learned about the historical significance of Columbus, and the controversies around him.

Next, we headed to a nearby beach where we had the chance to take a dip in the bright blue water! It was so beautiful.

On our way back, we faced an exciting adventure: while driving through a river that was thought to be shallow enough to travel through, our van broke down. Luckily, many people stopped while passing by to help us, and we found a truck to tow the car to the farm. After a short walk around the nearby road, we were picked up by another truck from the farm. All of us practiced our flexibility and made the best of the situation!

Finally, we came back to the farm, greeted by a wonderful dinner!