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Why We Travel

“I tend to believe more abroad than I do at home (which, though treacherous again, can at least help me to extend my vision), and I tend to be more easily excited abroad, and even kinder. And since no one I meet can “place” me — no one can fix me in my
[realm] –I can remake myself for better”

This quote from Pico Iyer’s Why We Travel spoke to me because when I travel, I see how alike I am to the people I see abroad. Two years ago, I visited Sweden and stayed with a family friend, who had a girl my age. Staying with her for that week really emphasized this idea, and by the end of the trip, we were just two girls who were friends, not an American and a Swede staying with each other. Being abroad gives you a fresh chance to make many first impressions, and allows you to become more empathetic as you see how alike you and your hosts are.