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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Welcome to the Yak Board!

Dear Summer 2019 students,

Welcome to the Dragons community and your course’s Yak Board!

You can think of your course’s Yak Board as a online group journal and virtual bulletin board.

  • Pre-course, you will use the Yak Board to introduce yourself and ask questions about your program. Your instructors will also introduce themselves; additionally, you can expect to see itinerary information, packing list updates, and responses to any of your pre-course departure questions.
  • On course, you can use the Yak Board to share photos with your fans back home, jot down vignettes of your life abroad, or share longer reflections about your unexpected adventures on an overnight train, at a meditation retreat, at your homestay sister’s birthday party…anything that that crosses your path. It’s hard to capture everything that happens over the course of a semester, or expect to share it all for the first time when you arrive home. Your Yak Board will become a collaborative journal, curated by members of your group and enjoyed by your friends and family back home.
  • Post-course, your Yak Board remains a big adventure log that commemorates your group’s experiences abroad.

A few quick notes about posting:

  • All Yak Board posts need to be approved by a Dragons staff member before they’re visible on the site, so please be patient after you post – you’ll see your post soon!
  • While every effort will be made to update the Yak Board regularly, courses will occasionally be without regular internet connection while traveling in more remote areas. During these times, it’s not unusual for the Yak Board to be silent for a week or more. Please try not to worry! Instructors will post communication access updates before being away from internet for prolonged periods. We are still able to communicate with our instructors in the event of an emergency and parents would be contacted if any problems arise.
  • The Yak Board is primarily designed as a medium for students to share their experience from the field. Therefore, it is not possible to comment on a Yak or directly respond to a student’s post on the Yak Board. We encourage you to email students directly to share your thoughts on a post.
  • Please remember that the Yak Board is a public forum, accessible by anyone on the internet. If you’d like to avoid your posts being “Googleable” far into the future, you may wish to post with only your first name.
  • You can subscribe to your course’s Yak Board so you don’t miss a post! Just click “Subscribe to Updates” at the top of this page and enter your email address. Then, check your inbox for a confirmation email and follow the steps to confirm your email address. We encourage participants, parents, friends, and family all to subscribe!

With summer just around the corner, we are excited to begin the final stages of course preparation with you. Launching your course’s Yak Board marks the first step towards building your travel community, as this interface will help us bridge great geographic distances and connect you with your course instructors, your fellow students, and the Dragons Admin Team.

If they haven’t already done so, your Program Director and instructor team will introduce themselves here shortly! We look forward to reading more about you in the coming weeks as well. So, please use the Yak Board as an opportunity to dive in and start building a new community.

All the best,

The Dragons Admin Team