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Experience Outside Your Comfort Zone

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.”

This quote from Pico Iyer’s essay, “Why We Travel”, is the most important to me because it describes what someone expects to get out of a journey and what a person actually gets out of it. The first part or Pico Iyer’s quote says “we travel, initially, to lose ourselves.” I believe this means that people go on trips and excursions to get away from reality and take a break from society. People look at trips initially with the thought that it will be like a vacation and and they will be able to get lost in a different country where you don’t have to deal with the same pressure as you would experience at home. Once your in the foreign area the second part of Pico Iyer’s quote comes into effect. “We travel, next, to find ourselves,” means that you will understand more about yourself as the trip progresses. People will learn more about themselves when put into a strange situation. Pico Iyer truly captires the ideas of travel with this quote.