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Back in Dakar

Bridge Year Senegal is now back home in Yoff, Dakar. Our student-led Spring Excursion visited The Gambia along with the islands of Niodor and Bamboung. We had an amazing time staying at Sereer home stays in Niodor, kayaking through mangroves in Bamboung, and exploring the ecology and fascinating recent history in The Gambia. We as students also took more ownership of our Bridge Year than ever before as we planned and coordinated every aspect of our excursion as a part of our “X-Phase”. It is stressful at times being in so much control of our own program (especially when things don’t go as planned), but it has given us a new appreciation for our instructors, Babacar and Angelica, and all of the work they do. Along with an appreciation for the work our instructors do, this excursion really helped teach us how to work together as a team and apply all of the language and cultural skills we have been developing over the course of the year to explore Senegal and The Gambia how we desire.

Our excursion was a success. Looking to the future, we will try to take with us all of the lessons we learned during our Spring Excursion to more intentionally spend these few remaining months we have in Senegal.