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Cambodia Summer Program.


We concluded our trip in Cambodia with a period of reflection that we call “transference”. The photo shows our last evening activity, sharing our lopes and goals. We decided to write a yak post all together anonymously, answering three questions:

How was the trip? (in one sentence)
– The trip was so amazing I can’t even put it into words.
– The trip was an eye-opening journey where I learned about myself and Others along with Cambodian culture and Buddhism
– This trip was life-changing bceause it totally shifted my outlook on life and allowed me to learn a lot about myself
– The trip was surreal and has altered my perspective on life.
– An unforgettable and transformative experience filled with amazing activities, discussions and eye-opening experiences.
– It was something so completely different and transformative and a trip you won’t ever regret going on.
– Great activities planned and I loved the Angkor Wat temples.
– An experience that changed my perspective on the country, myself and how to face challenges in a positive way.
– Eye-opening to a whole new culture and way of life that has given me experiences, memories, and teachings that will last a lifetime.
– Like an incandescent bulb my experience in Cambodia shone bright, and will continue to glow long after I have left.
– It allowed me to reincarnate myself into a half-filled cup where I can let go of my self knowledge to make room for new knowledge.
– Cambodia was an absolutely life-changing experience with people that made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe and a country so beautiful that I don’t have space on my camera.
– It is a trip of embracing my fears, loving people I was not close to before and reminding myself to pursue my dream.
– I feel I was able to grow as a person through experiencing the full culture and unique local community.
– The Cambodia trip was a transformative experience and a chance to broaden my perspective on the definitions of culture!
– The trip to Cambodia was engaging, challenging and eye-opening

Something that will stay with me for the rest of my life….
– Bonding with my homestay sister about the universal challenges of marriage and motherhood.
– Appreciate little things in my life and never take anything for granted.
– Although we live in a world seldom saturated with stories, the sheer uniqueness of our homestay and Cambodia will resonate with me. Cambodia has given me important insight and hope for the future of our planet.
– A better understanding as to how I can be a more effective and sustainable globally active citizen.
– The connections with all the people I met or grew closer to and the emotions that brings with it.
– I will always remember how living a simple life can really be eye opening and amazing.
– The happiness that a small action or gift can have on someone.
– I will always remember how living a simple life can really be eye-opening and amazing.
– The homestay family at Koh P’Dao, biking on the dirt road, as I enjoy the view and watching Irrawaddy dolphins.
– The teachings from the monks and how genuine everyone is. They made me so happy in a gloomy time period of my life.
– The experience I had in Koh P’Dao and the relationships formed between my homestays and myself despite all of our differences and not speaking the same language.
– The small family like moments that I had with my homestay family will always be in the corner of my mind.

– The sense of comfort, belonging and peace I achieve through living in the moment.
– Appreciate little things in my life and never take anything for granted.
– The importance of self-reliance and self care, as well as your ability to steer away from all the distractions that might hinder your growth as an individual.
– Having the opportunity to visit a place for my own personal growth rather than a vacation has allowed me to expand my horizons on being a better person.
– Be sure to always have an open-mind and don’t judge, but to also question your thoughts and why you think like that.
– The relationships within the group and my appreciation for such a beautiful country.

A goal I have for the future is…

  • To travel more and truly immerse myself in the culture
  • To live a life back home where I live in the moment every day, am at peace with myself and have self-compassion. Know that it’s OK to take care of my own wellbeing every once in a while
  • To find beauty in everything, and to be more present and aware of my surroundings. To focus more on mindfulness and to try meditation
  • To travel more, and when I do, to immerse myself deeply in the culture
  • To focus on living in the moment and trying to not get too caught up in the stress and drama that comes with being back home
  • To use les plastic and be aware of environmental issues
  • Not to assume or believe things about a group of people based on inaccurate information
  • To continue to learn about other cultures in the world – to live with people and learn their language
  • To travel (responsibly) more
  • To listen to my unconscious mind and realize it is authentic
  • To not lose all the teachings I have learned during the trip and to bring it all back to Canada (like the sponge that has soaked up the learning)
  • To make sure I take the things I have learned or the teachings that have touched my heart, and not let go of that or forget it
  • To live in the small moments and appreciate them more
  • To always be supportive of others
  • To voice my perspective and spread awareness regarding the implications of tourism and issues facing societies
  • To find a socially responsible way to keep travelling the world