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Taj Mahal

We arrived in Agra on Tuesday afternoon after three hours of horn-honking and swerving in and out of traffic from Delhi. We quickly checked into the hotel and were greeted by four members of the Agra Historical Society and we got right to work learning about the Mogul empire in India. We started out visiting a historic Mosque in city center. One of our tour guides great-grandfather was the first Iman of the mosque who came from outside of India. The Mosque was built by a princess who used her dowry money to build it instead of getting married. Next, we walked around the city and learned the geopolitics of the area. We finished off the night at the guides childhood home where his mother made us traditional diner and he told us childhood stores of living in Agra city center. The home was very different than those in America because it had no roof. There was a fence to prevent monkeys and beside that it was open aired. A dancer that was our age presented a story telling dance and taught us how to preform it. We ended the exciting night and woke up the next morning to a bright and early Agra sunrise. We went on a short walk to the Taj Mahal and learned the story of the King who built it and the myths and misconceptions surrounding the building. We were tested as travelers by tying not to leave a trace on the building; for 100,000 tourists a day have started to turn the Taj’s marble black over time. After a very exciting photoshoot, we boarded busses and went to a farm-to-table restaurant for breakfast. Everything we ate was grown right there and it was truly incredible! We were then taken on a tour of the facility and learned the ins-and-outs of regenerative farming and what we could do to spread the message at home. We got back in the busses and saw some beautiful monuments and tombs. After lunch and a brief rest, we were back to monument seeing and ending the day at an artist’s loft. One of our guides preformed flute story telling for us and it was SOOO relaxing after out long day. We were allowed to try out the flute and we had a guitar and jam session before a traditional Mogul meal. Back at the hotel, we were greeted by Henna artists and everyone got tattooed before bed. Right now, we are on out last day of the trip. It is 9am and we are sitting outside sipping on tea and coffee and munching on toast. Everyone is excited to visit the Agra fort and go shopping before the airport. We’ll see you soon!