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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

She was wearing my dress, and I was wearing her’s

Dark blue and gold, beautiful in its form and more meaningful to my family as their eyes lit up in joy. I was wearing their traditional attire for a wedding, but the clothes that I had on, the clothes that I had just purchased, were not mine at all. They hung freely from my body, barely touching my skin as though it and I knew that we were not meant to be at all.

I sat on the chair, totally detached from my body, as I waited for my home stay to finishing getting ready. She walked down the stairs, wearing a tight fitted peach dress. She straightened her hair, and put on high heels. She was wearing my dress, and I was wearing her’s.

Why, as a westerner, am I trained to think that revealing my figure and accentuating my curves is the proper way to feel beautiful? There I was, in a kurta, a dress that many women wear without a second thought about questioning their attractiveness, and I was nothing but lost in fabric and removed from myself.

Now I ask you, what makes you feel beautiful??