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Cambodia Summer Program.

Reflections on the day

One of our main activities today was visiting Thavry, author and writer of “A Proper Woman” and other Cambodian best seller books and her brother, Rithy, founder of Small World company. They shared their experience on how they searched their hearts’ passion and made a living out of what they love while helping others. They work to empower others to dream big and give hope to younger Cambodians to achieve their goals. Despite the traditional social norms that women should not continue their education, Thavry was able to overcome the norm and became an author who inspires the young generation to believe that everything is possible. Both Thavry and Rithy worked to share new ideas that can shape Cambodia to become a better and caring place.

Memory of the day: Playing Spy game or watching Mr. Cultrera lose to Mr. Kirkpatrick in a game of chess 🙂

– Issamae


The other main activity was our visit to a nearby Buddhist temple where we met with a practicing Buddhist, Chhuny, and discussed the benefits of daily mindful practice. Specifically, Chhuny discussed how practicing daily meditation can not only improve your mindset, but can also have profound benefits to your own health. He even shared with us a personal story of how a couple of years ago he suffered from numerous diseases and health problems that the doctors appeared unable to cure; however, after practicing daily meditation, he soon recovered. His message was both powerful and inspiring and many of the students left the discussion with a deeper understanding of our mental health and appreciation for practicing daily gratitude.

After listening to Chhuny, we had the opportunity to briefly look at the temples which were incredibly beautiful with there glimmering walls, numerous shrines, and greenery. After the temples we headed out into a park where we chilled, shopped and watched the sunset – it was a truly magical evening. We also had the coolest meal at a Vietnam restaurant which consisted of Vietnamese pancakes stuffed with either veggies, chicken and or beef and wrapped around lettuce, it was a delicious cultural experience!

Best memory of the day: Playing soccer during our downtime in the park with a bunch of Cambodian kids (aged around 8-11). Even though none of the kids spoke English, their determination in kicking the ball as hard as they could or making the best goalie dive to stop a goal made us all instant friends.

– Corissa