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Notes from Tweisi

Greetings from Tweisi! Students are now settled into their new homes and enjoying meeting and learning from their homestay families. After a beautiful night in Wadi Rum, we arrived yesterday early afternoon and the students met their families. They spent the evening with them, getting to know their various families and learning about their lives here. Below are some anecdotes that they’ve relayed to us:

Chanjoo helped his homestay dad harvest grass and helped feed camels, and is excited to ride one in the coming days.
Alina practiced Arabic letters with her homestay sister.
Matteo played soccer with his brothers and their friends. They were much better than him – he initially planned to ‘go easy on them’ but found that the small children were quickly running circles around him on the make-shift soccer pitch.
Avery bought a thobe when he went to market with his family, and now looks like a local.
Alli showed off her dabkeh dancing skills with her homestay sisters.
Youssef went to Wadi Rum with his family and got to see the desert again from a different perspective.
Niy took lots of selfies with her sisters. She also made friends a baby goat. Please ask for more details 😉
Jean drank hot chocolate and ate popcorn with Alli and their homestay family. She was impressed with their interesting hot chocolate-making techniques.
Dawit learned how to play a new card game with his host brother.
Katherine drank her body weight in tea and helped her homestay sister with her homework.

More to come soon!