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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Mid course

Hi all-

I wrote a yak in my notebook but now it’s being used for inventory so I’m doing my best now. Starting off back to my recipe yaks, lima/fava beans (avas) is actually spelled habas. We left Urubamaba around a week ago to very tearful, hug filled goodbyes with our host families. We went to Ocongate for a few days to plan for our trip to Q’eros. Between packing, cleaning, buying foods, it was a crazy few days. Knowing that most of the food we’ll be eating in Q’eros would be potato based we thought of what we needed to supplement all of the potatoes. We got condiments to go on our potatoes, lots of peanuts for extra protein, animal crackers, soda crackers, and a fun treat (chocolate wafer cookies). We got there on an open truck, very cramped, on the colder side, and the worlds most incredible views. Worth all of the discomfort. We started hiking in rain and it continued to rain just about all day, every day for the rest of our trek. Our last day and drive back was very warm and sunny. I got burned. My views on Q’eros were very similar to everyone else’s. I know everyone will be writing very long detailed yaks on Q’eros so I will try my best not to bore you as you read the next 11 yaks. I watched families interact with very little space and resources and still be willing to open their houses to complete strangers and feed us 3 meals a day, for a few families, this was a group of 6 people in their homes. In all the craziness of floods, animals getting sick and dying from the sudden cold and all other craziness of everyday life, families welcomed us into their homes. Yaks aren’t my favorite thing and I’m not all that great at writing them, but my impressions of Q’eros were shared and a yak was posted. We will be having less access to internet as the trip goes on.

Bye for now,