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Living my best life!

Let’s get this Naan! So far this has been a great life changing experience. It has been a lot of traveling, but for me it has been: Eat, Sleep, Travel, Repeat for the past day or so. I was delighted to end my first night in a hotel bed in my room with Claire Smith and Jordan Mitchell. However, I made very great memories so far such as: making a friend on the 5 hour train ride to Uttarakhand and teaching her how to play Uno, riding in a bus observing the chaotic (and fun!) Indian traffic, buying local Indian outfits, eating eating eating lots of delicious Indian food, admiring the cute animals, taking wonderful pictures wherever we go, especially having this beautiful mountain view right outside our hotel, and overall just learning more about India every minute of this trip. It has been fun being a traveler versus a tourist and really getting to know the culture and trying to fit right in. I am looking forward to celebrating Holi with all the wonderful paint that may land on me and more experiences! Ms.O, Mr.Martin, and Ms.Gross and our trip leaders Debi and Hemant have made this an enjoyable trip so far. Mom, don’t worry. I am living my best life in India J – Sena