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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Learning to use the Buses

Last week I learned how to use the buses.  The group was returning from Bouhda Stupa and I ended up with another passenger between me and the rest of the group.  I didn’t notice when the rest of the group got off to transfer.  I looked up and realized that the rest of the group was gone, so I rushed to get off, but by the time I had gotten off they had boarded another bus and left.  I called my instructor and he told me to take a green bus to Pulchoke.  I got on the fist green bus that came along, and eventually tried to ask the conductor if it went to Pulchoke.  Clearly there was a miscommunication because he nodded.  As we headed into more rural areas I quickly realized I was on the wrong bus.  With the help of other passengers, I got off in a small village area, got on another bus back, and from there I transferred to another bus.  Finally, I arrived home after three hours after leaving.  Throughout all of this I was having a great time.  It was quite an adventure, and now I have a good story!