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¡Hola! My name is Quincy, I was raised in a small village called Salisbury Cove, which is just outside of Bar Harbor. Growing up with Acadia National Park in my backyard made me appreciate the outdoors and inspired my passions. In the spring and summer you can catch me fly fishing and hiking with my friends. During the fall and winter i focus mostly on soccer, when im not playing soccer i enjoy skiing with my homies. When i was younger i struggled a lot with anxiety but i figured out a way to help me get over this major hurdle. My solution was putting myself through tough situations whether it be navigating rapids on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail or hiking the Maine section of the A.T. Here is a qoute from Pico Iyer that speaks to me “i know that I travel in large part in search of hardship- both my own, which i want to feel and others which i want to see.” I relate to this because part of going on adventures is getting through your own personal battles. One time in a storm my group got stuck on a small island off the coast of maine for 3 days straight. The whole time in my wet tent i regretted even going canoeing in the first place, but when the fog lifted I realized how great of a experience i just had. I realized how much you can gain from your struggles. I hope to bring to the group my knowledge gained from previous trips and spread positivety among my classmates.