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Day 3

Hola. I’m Jack, and I am writing on the Yak Board for today. Today, some students woke up early to do mindfulness on a Lake Atitlán dock. Afterwards, everyone ate breakfast. We then went to the permaculture institute for a hike up a mountain, and two teachers from the institute came with us on the hike. Although the hike was strenuous, we got to swim in a waterfall and see San Juan from a lookout point. We went down the mountain after we saw the city, and we stopped to see a  archeological site of a Mayan face. It was intriguing to hear the permaculture teacher interweave history with his explanation of the artifact. We ate lunch with a local family and returned to the permaculture school. At the permaculture school, we learned about weaving. Because of the strenuous hike  we rested after learning about weaving. Before going to learn about music, we played hackey sack with some boys in the town. We learned about traditional Guatemalan music and returned to the hotel to eat dinner. Check back tomorrow for more updates. Adiós.