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3 days in India

Michael Berry’s YAK

The last 3 days in India have been absolutely incredible. My dream… all my life, has been to play cricket in the cricketing nation of the world. We innovatively manufactured a cricket bat and bought a tennis ball in order to play cricket. This was when we encountered a small local child who willingly joined in our game; this ticked off a bucket list box for me. Even exhausted, I forced myself to start a conversation about the Indian Premier League to a local after our adventurous 9-mile hike overlooking the magnificent Himalayan mountains. To my surprise, English is not something many people speak in the towns around Kausani, so the only way I could communicate was by randomly mentioning the names of the teams and players in India.

Hayden Stephan’s YAK

The three days that I have spent in India have been life changing and have changed my perspective on the world, especially foreign countries. Prior to leaving for the trip I had gathered many experiences surrounding India from family, friends, and most significantly movies, and it built a complete image that India. I am proud to say that image of India has changed since being here. Many of those prior experiences focused on the negatives such as poverty and garbage in India, but from this trip I have been able to experience the beauty of this country. I will always remember the colorful sky over the snow-covered Himalayas as the group participated in sunrise yoga, simplistic but beautiful lifestyle of children younger than me at Lakshmi Ashram, and the openness of the people here. We have been and have traveled in travelers (the name of our buses), and because of this I feel we have been able to establish many connections that often tourist won’t get with the locals. I can’t count the number of families and people that I have learned about here, especially the Ashram people. Shoutout to David G “the walking Wikipedia” (ask us when we get back). In conclusion, based off my experiences over the last three days I have found that India is the perfect harmony of chaos and beauty, and funny enough I think those are the perfect words to describe the driving here. One second you are admiring the views and the streets and the next you are clenching onto your seat as the driver swerves near a cliff while talking on the phone. I look forward to adding to these experiences over the next few days, and coming back with new ideas and perspectives.